09.18.2016 • leaving my home

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hi! Leaving people you love and a place that feels like home is not always that easy. Even though I had decided two years ago that after I graduated I wanted to see more of the world and improve my English. I searched online and found a company called EF - Education First. I looked on their website, a week later I went to an information meeting, two months later I applied for a gap year to go to NYC and now I am here, in Tarrytown, writing a blog about leaving my home. It's weird to be on the other side of the big giant ocean, even though it already feels like home. 

Leaving everybody was hard, but I know that I will come back after six months and that makes it so much easier. Six months is just 167 days or 20 weeks. If you say it like that it feels like a really short time. In the beginning I was scared, leaving my home longer than a week, alone, for the first rime. Normally if there is something wrong I can call my mom. Now I still can call my mom but she is on the other side of the big giant ocean. Besides that, there is also a time difference now, like six hours. 

Because NYC is on the other side of the ocean I had to take an airplane. I was scared, but really scared. I didn't like airplanes. all those stories about airplanes disappearing, bleh. Well I survived it and I fell in love with flying. The clouds are even prettier in the sky! 

Well, I have already been here for three weeks (time flies when you're having fun) and I love every second of it. Of course I miss everyone in the Netherlands and it's weird to see everything on social media but it's just for six months. Today I had my first blogging class and from now on I will write English articles here (I also blog in Dutch, you can read that here if you're Dutch) and I also will post vlogs online (in English). 

Love, Renée


If you want more information about EF, click here. You can order a FREE brochure and read everything about it. You always can ask me any question if you want, just call me, no just kidding. But I love to answer your question, feel free to ask me anything. 

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