09.19.2016 • my first day at EF New York

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hi! After arriving in the night yesterday I was very tired today. I felt like a freshman, everything was so big and so new. I didn't sleep in my own room, on my way to here  met a other dutch girl and I decided to stay in her room (there was a free bed). Today was a day full of presentations about the school, rules, the classes and we had to take a test to test our English level - Hello B2.3. The classes start on Wednesday. Every presentation felt the same, rules, rules and what to expect. But I get it, their are 500 new students and everyone listens very good, not. So if you tell it over and over again one day everybody knows it. 

Besides the presentations and the test it was not a very special day. I moved to another dorm room, the room where I slept but wasn't my own room, so now it is my room, yeah for that. It was movie night so we went there. We watched Now You See Me 2, I loved it. After that we went to bed because we were very tired, HELLO JET LAG. Tomorrow morning we are going to Manhattan so we don't want to be tired. 

Love, Renée

If you want more information about EF, click here. You can order a FREE brochure and read everything about Education First. You always can ask me any question if you want, just call me, no kidding. But I love to answer your question, feel free to ask me anything. 

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