09.24.2016 • global citizen festival

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hi! Global Citizen, well. Global Citizen is a festival for charity and to raise awareness for women rights. It was amazing. At the moment it's already the 10th of October. That means that it's been almost three weeks since this story happend, but I still get a smile on my face when I think about that day. It was my first weekend in New York City and I went to a festival, in Central Parc, with a view, well you can see it in the picture. The skyline of New York City, like hallelujah, how amazing is that. I saw artists like Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding, Usher and more. It sounds like a dream but I can promise you that it was real, like duh. I was there AND I did some vlogging there so you can see it. 

The festival started with Major Lazer and Ellie Goulding was a guest star during their performance, it was the first time that they did their song live and I can tell you, it was so cool to hear it. Because Ellie Goulding was a guest star at Major Lazer I thought see wasn't going to preform on her own but luckily she did. Somewhere at the end of the evening, maybe it was in the middle, she came back and hallelujah, she was a m a z i n g. Now I love Ellie Goulding even more than I already did. 

Demi Lovato sang at the beginning and she was there instead of Selena Gomez. First I didn't like that because I love Selena Gomez but, Demi Lovato was so amazing. She is such an amazing singer, wauw, I love her. Okay, I really have to stop with saying I love because otherwise this is going to be an article with a hundreds of I love in it, oops. 

Usher did just one song, so that was disappointed and Rihanna didn't sang live and I am sorry, I love (there it is again, oops) Rihanna but I hate the fact that it's your job and you don't do it all. So that was a disappointing too but I can't complain because of the fact that I had the chance to be there. I know for sure many people wanted to take my place. I enjoyed this day so much and I think, well actually I know for sure, that this is a day to remember. 

Love, Renée


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