10.03.2016 • my second week at EF New York

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hi! It's just the end of my second week in New York City, it's still very weird to say that I am in New York City and that I live here at the moment. I don't live in Manhattan but in Tarrytown. That is a forty-five minute train ride away from the big city. I don't know if I already said that but if I didn't I am doing it now and if I did, I am sorry. Tarrytown is a small place in New York, it's really cute and I love the fact that you live among real American people. I don't mean that if you live in Manhattan you don't live with real American people but it's very touristic. I think you understand what I mean. It's so nice to be in a big city like Manhattan where it's very crowded and when you come back home that it's quiet, sort of quiet.

My second week was not that eventful, we spend a lot of time in our room, watching movies and saving money, I spent a lot of money the first week, oops. I did change my program this week, I still followed my old classes, next week I will start in my new program. It's not that big of an change, I changed from advanced media and art program to the intensive program. That means that only my extra classes change, instead of photography and media and art skills I now have blogging and writing.  I like these much more, I came here to improve my English, my weakest point is writing so I think that I will work more on that with these classes.

On Wednesday EF organized a trip to a baseball game, New York Yankees VS. Boston Red Sox. It was such an amazing event to experience, but it was different than I thought it would be. I thought everybody would be more excited and screaming. Well they did scream but not as much as I thought they would. It's started raining, not like rain rain but just a little drizzling and it did get really cold, like extremely cold. I couldn't feel my fingers anymore, slightly it changed our mood. The game wasn't that interesting, both of the teams had one round left, Boston had three points and the Yankees had zero. We were done with it so we left, that was the dumbest decision ever. At the end the New York Yankees decided to score a grand slam and they did win. Probably at the end it was the coolest game ever. Well okay, I still feel very dumb but it happened and I have to get over it.

Saturday we went to the MET museum. Because we decided to walk and during the walk go inside the big stores we had just been in the museum an hour or two  . OH and because we decided to have a little photoshoot on the Gossip Girl stairs that are at the MET museum. Yeah us, but it's okay because we just paid one dollar to get inside (you can pay what you want) so we will go back another time, someday.

Love, Renee


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