10.10.2016 • my third week at EF New York

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hi! Week three went by so fast, well. Actually till the weekend it wasn't that special. The plan was to do the laundry on Sunday, we were not really into it so we decided to do it on Monday. Not that we were into it on Monday but we really had to do it. It was a real adventure, we thought we bought detergent for the laundry but after all it was some detergent for the dishwasher. We started a new series, Friends, and we are already at season two, oops. But we love it and it's so easy to watch. Everyday after school we watched it, so I think that says enough. Well on Friday the sun was out, it's not fair. When we have to go to school the sun is out and on the weekend they predict rain, love it (not). During lecture we decided to leave and go to Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a spontaneous idea but it was a day to remember.

It was the first time I went with the subway and I loved it, it's so easy and fast. We took subway six to the Brooklyn Bridge. On the bridge we took pictures, it took us two hours to walk to the other side of the bridge, because we took so many pictures, oops.

After that we decided to just walk somewhere, great decision, we ended up somewhere in a creepy place in Brooklyn, I didn't feel that safe but we did find a place to eat (hello first acai bowl in my life) and used the wi-fi to look for a place to walk to. After eating we went to a place where we could see the skyline, what an amazing view. It was almost golden hour so we decided to stay and take some pictures there. After spending more than an hour taking pictures we decided to go to the subway and go back to the campus. Again we took pictures at the Brooklyn Bridge, again more than an hour long.

On Saturday we didn't do anything special, just spend time in our dorm room, posted pictures from yesterday and watched Friends, again. Sunday was a fun day. We did go to SOHO to search for a winter jacket and UGGs. I found a pair of UGGs, hello warm feet, but I ordered a winter jacket online that evening because I couldn't find one in SOHO. Fun fact: they sent my winter jacket to my home address in the Netherlands. Later that day we went to a Christmas store and in that store there was an exposition with pretty christmas lights and dolls. It really felt like Christmas after this, so can we please skip Halloween and give us Christmas now because I would like that very much. It was a fun week, not that eventful but I loved it.

Love, Renée

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