10.17.2016 • my fourth week at EF New York

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hi! I was really looking forward to this week because I planned two really cool things, so I can't wait to tell you about it. This week we started a new series (yes again), we started to watch the Fosters, I love it and I really recommend it if you want to watch a very interesting series that remains interesting. On Monday there arrived a package for Elianne and me. We ordered a unicorn onesie, we are such little children. We decided to take it back, because we felt a little bit too old for it, but first we had to take pictures in it, like always.

On Tuesday I decided after four weeks to hang my polaroid pictures on the wall. I love to have my pictures on the wall, now I can see my family and friends everyday, kind of. On Wednesday EF organized a trip to the Broadway musical the Lion King, of course I (a just-graduated theatre student) had to go. The musical was amazing, I cried, oops.

Thursday I felt awful. It was progress week which means that you have to take a test to see if you can go a level up. At first I was not that scared or nervous about it but than all my friends started talking about how difficult the test was and I didn't feel that comfortable anymore. The big problem about this is that I had the test at the end of the week and they had it in the beginning of the week, yeah. Well luckily after all, even though I found the test very difficult, I achieved - HELLO C1.1.
Till Saturday my life in NYC was not that interesting, we watched too many Fosters, hello season 2, in a week. They only have four seasons so I think we can watch Friends again, very soon. Saturday we went to the most amazing concert, with Nicki Minaj, Robin Thick, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and many more artists. The night was so amazing. At the end of the night we were very tired but it was worth it.
Love, Renee
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