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Friday, October 21, 2016

Hi! A couple weeks ago I applied for free Broadway tickets. A week ago I went with EF to my first Broadway show, the Lion King. It was so amazing and I decided that I wanted to see a lot more shows. On top of my list is Matilda and guess what, Thursday, Ted came to my class and told me that I can see the show, but it was in a couple of hours. I called my friend who was on Coney Island, we made a plan and a couple hours later we were sitting in the theatre. Fun fact: after we came back from the Lion King we talked about the fact that it was possible to get tickets for Matilda. We really hoped for it but we never expected that we really would get tickets for Matilda because it's such a popular show.

After they scan your ticket you can go inside. I am used to entering a foyer before you can go to your seat but this time you enter the theatre and your seats right away, that was so weird. It was so crazy we had amazing seats, in the middle on the first balcony. When we were at the Lion King we got cool Lion King cups when we bought soda. We saw that people got Matilda-themed cups so we decided to get soda. $10 each please, hallelujah, it's so expensive. After all it wasn't that expensive because there were free refills. I think that's a thing here in America. I actually don't drink that much soda but because we paid $10 each we refilled it twice, typical Dutch thing I think, get your money's worth or something.

I got a text from a friend don't cry this time, she was with us when we went to the Lion King, I answered that I couldn't promise it. Before it started I said to Elianne I think I am gonna cry. Well, I almost did but luckily I didn't, I am so proud of myself, hihi. When the show started I realized that I know the whole show's soundtrack by heart, I have listened to it a thousand times.

The show was so amazing and everybody was so good, it was so different from the Lion King but they are amazing in there own way. It was funny that the show was a little bit different from the movie but I kinda liked it that way. Matilda is going to end, so I am very glad that I had the chance to see it.

Love, Renée

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