10.31.2016 • my sixth week in NYC

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hi! This week was a really eventful week and a lot of things happened. Monday I went to the movie night to watch Hocus Pocus for the first time. I still don't know if I did like the movie or not, but I did watch it and that is for me the most important thing. A couple of weeks ago I went from the B class to the C class which means that my classes changed. I have a History and Politics class now and I really don't like it. So I went to Academics and for next week they changed me back to my B blogging class, (at the moment it's already the next week so I am writing my blog in my blogging class, yeah) so much better. I know that you have to give new things a chance but this one, no I am sorry I really don't like this topic.

Thursday I went to the photography club. For me it was the first time and I really liked it. Everybody seems very nice and I love photography so that combination sounds fine to me. Friday my Halloween weekend started. We went to the Hayride in Sleepy Hallow. I thought I would be scared, but actually Elianne and I only laughed very hard. When there was a scary actor we were like, oh your hair is very pretty, they probably didn't like us that much. There was one moment that I had to swallow. I am very scared of clowns and there were many clowns. But also here I actually laughed very hard. Maybe I am not that scared anymore of clowns, which is weird because if I see a picture of a clown I still start to cry but okay, whatever. We took a cab back to the campus, which ended up being a big drama. It was an activity with EF so the transport was arranged. Everything went well with the cab to Sleepy Hallow but the cab that brought us back to the campus said that we had to pay and believe me cabdrivers can get very angry. Thanks to the best security guy it was solved. 

Saturday we went to the Tarrytown Halloween parade. We went with almost everybody from the photography club so we could take pictures together. At the end I didn't take that many pictures because two big guys were standing in front of me the whole time, yeah. The parade was not that special but it was really fun to experience it. In the parade was a group from the Dutch church and after the parade we went to them and talked with them about the church and why we are here. And we went to get frozen yogurt. I loved it. It was the best way to end the day. Or actually it was not the end of the day, but the end of our day in the city of Tarrytown. After dinner we watched the last episode of the Fosters and started a new series. Hello new addiction - Once Upon a Time. It's so different from what I expected it to be, but I love it. 

Sunday we went to Six Flags and it was Fright Fest. Six Flags is the biggest theme park in the world. First we went in the Superman roller coaster and we got stuck. We were hanging and at once it stopped, technical failure, yeah. After ten minutes it was solved, so luckily it didn't take that long. After this roller coaster we went to a roller coaster where you stand during the ride. We went to the Drop of Doom and after that we went to the one and only roller coaster we had to experience. The Kingda Ka, the world's tallest roller coaster and the world's second fastest roller coaster. Elianne and I took the front seat and it was amazing. This was a typical roller coaster you sometimes see in a Facebook video. Than we went to the wooden roller coaster and just a couple of rides before it was our turn they closed because of the weather. Hello big rain and thunder. It was two hours before we had to leave but everything closed and because of the weather there was no Fright Fest so we couldn't do anything. We decided to eat and after that we went back to the bus. It was a really fun day! It's a week to remember.

Love, Renee 

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