11.07.2016 • my seventh week in NYC

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hi! After Sunday I expected my Halloween-themed week would be over but on Monday we decided to go to the parade in Manhattan. The Halloween parade was supposed to be amazing.  In a rush we made ourselves ready. I had some fake blood and my friends had their faces painted. We took the train around 5:30 PM to Manhattan. When we arrived at the street where the parade passed it was already very crowded. We decided to stand on the racks. Actually it wasn't allowed but we didn't care, we wanted to see something from the parade. Ultimately, it was a big disappointment. There were a few cars with cool Halloween things on them but the rest was just people walking through the street. Even though, I am glad I did see it.

Tuesday till Thursday I did nothing. Just school and watching Once Upon a Time, hello season two. We watch too many series, we really don't have a life. Friday we went to Palisades Center. We had to go to Target to buy some food, dry shampoo, cotton pads, make-up remover and more stuff like that. Saturday was a fun day, we had to volunteer at Light The Night Walk. It's a fundraising campaign benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and their funding of research to find blood cancer cures. It was so special to experience this day. We handed out the lanterns. You have three colours, red, yellow and white. Red is for people who walk to support, yellow is for people who walk in memory of and White is for people who still are patients or survived. We handed out the yellow once and actually I found it really hard. You had to make sure people had the right lanter-colour so you had to ask are you walking in memory of? Everyone was so friendly and now I like the American people even more. At the end of the day there were pretty fireworks. Fun fact: I hate fireworks, I think it's scary and beautiful at the same time. There was so much food and bottles of water left over so they said that everyone could take what they want. Everybody left with boxes of chips and bottles of water. It was so funny. We arrived at the bus that took us home and the driver looked at us like, what did you guys bring with you, this doesn't fit in the bus. I stil feel my arms so it was a great arm work-out, I don't need the gym.

And then in the night something happened. At 3:30 AM the fire alarm went off. At 3:30 (!!!!). It's my second month here and this was the fourth time it went off. For a second I had the idea to stay in bed because the times before there was nothing. But because it was 3:30 I decided to go outside. It ended up to be nothing luckily. We went back to sleep, or at least that was the plan. We have a bright light in our room that started to flicker when the fire alarm goes off and that thing flickered for over an hour after we came back in the room. The next day I was so tired, we all were. After brunch we watched the movie The Da Vinci Code, I still don't get the whole movie. It's so complicated, but also very interesting.
At three o'clock we paused the movie and went outside to take some pictures in a sort of forest behind the school. We have some pictures, but we will go back another time. The sun was gone so fast and we needed the sun. When we came back we finished the movie and that was it for the day. We went to bed early, around 11 o'clock. For us it's early. But we ended up being awake till 2 maybe 3 o'clock in the morning. I really couldn't sleep. It was so frustrating. Being so tired all day long and when I finally lie in my bed I am wide awake. So today I am very tired, but it's Monday, a new day, a new week. Let's make the best of it. I am almost here for two months now, the time is going so fast. 

Love, Renée

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