11.28.2016 • my tenth week in NYC

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

After one hour of sleep it's Monday again, hello world. Hello new week. New week where I am still in New York. I still can't get enough of New York, even though I am not always in the city I love it here. Tarrytown is such a lovely place, especially now when they decorate for Christmas. All those lights are so pretty and gives a cozy feeling. 

Normally I only go to the city on the weekends, this week I went on Tuesday. Giulia, a friend from the Netherlands, is studying in Chicago. She had vacation and came to New York City. We decided to eat together in the city. She brought here friend, Ruth, and I took Elianne with me. We went to by Chloe. again. I really recommend this restaurant/cafe. It was a very lovely evening and I really enjoyed my night with these girls. First I thought it would be very weird to meet a friend from back home in the city but it actually wasn't at all. It felt really normal, I loved it. 

Wednesday was not a normal school day, we had  page to stage day. A couple weeks ago all the classes got a book that they had to read and make a presentation about it. My classmates and I didn't like the book. Our teacher decided that we had to make a presentation about Venice and glass blowing. That's what the book was about. I wasn't nervous and actually I didn't care about it. It's bad to say that I don't care about it but I really don't. I had to say one sentence about glass blowing and that was it. I never had it so easy. The presentation turned out different, six maybe seven people of the class didn't show up. We had to change our presentation. At the end it worked out okay. After the presentations we had a long thanksgiving weekend. Hello shopping with big sales.

Our plan was to go to Palisades mall on Thursday and after that take the last train to Manhattan. Our plan turned out a little different but I had so much fun. Elianne, Elien and I went to Palisades mall around one o'clock. We went to the movies. We saw the Disney movie Moana. OH MY, this movie is so great. I loved it so much, I really recommend it if you love Disney movies. 
After the movie we still had to wait four hours till the stores we like opened. JCPenney was open and afterwards we went to eat something. We ended up with Subway, yeah great dinner. But whatever. It wasn't that crowded at all. I expected that I had to fight for stuff. It turned out to be very easy to get the deals. The first store we went to was Victoria's Secret. I bought a sport legging and a PINK sweater. The sweater turned out to be free, it was a mistake but hey it's a $50 sweater, so I didn't say anything. That is actually really bad of me but okay. After that I bought new Puma shoes and a jacket at Abercrombie and Fitch. We were done shopping around ten o'clock so we decided to go home. 

Back at home we watched a movie and went to bed. The plan was to go to Manhattan but we decided not to go. Friday we really did nothing. Saturday we did the laundry and on Sunday we went to Tarrytown to get some Frozen Yogurt. It was a lazy weekend but I loved it. 

Love, Renee 

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