11.14.2016 • my eighth week in NYC

Thursday, November 17, 2016

As always, Monday till Friday wasn't that interesting. But it's okay because it's just a school week. Well actually it's not totally true. Tuesday was an interesting day. During the school break Elianne and I took pictures for the photography club assignment. Most of the time, taking pictures is not that interesting but just fun. This time it was interesting because we took pictures under the shower. That sounds weird. We did wear cloths so it wasn't that weird. In the evening we watched the elections, which was really interesting. I hoped it would turn out different but we have to deal with the result I think.

Friday was a fun day. I finished school at one o'clock. The rest of the day I spent with Elien and Bas. First we talked and solved puzzles made by the administration. Around five o'clock we went to the gym for the first time. YEAH, sporty us. After that we watched a movie, XOXO, it was an okay movie. When we finished the movie it was eight o'clock so we decided to watch the documentary Black Fish. I already saw it but it's such a good documentary that I didn't care about watching it again.

Saturday I went to Manhattan with Bas and Elianne. I was so tired, I felt like a zombie. We took the subway to Greenwich Village because we wanted to spend our day there. Many things were closed. So we decided to walk to Times Square. We ended up in the biggest Victoria's Secret store with a kind of museum in it, that was so cool. We also went to the Trump Tower to see the demonstration. It was so weird to see it and so different from what I thought it would be. Afterwards we went to Rockefeller Center to get some food. I really didn't know that there are stores in Rockefeller, it is so pretty there. After dinner we walked back to Grand Central and took the train back to the campus.

Sunday we went to the gym in the morning. It was hard to get out of bed knowing you have to go to the gym. It was my second time this week. I have to say that I actually like going to the gym. Afterwards we went to the forest to take pictures, again. Later that day, after dinner, we watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I love Harry Potter so much. The movies are so good. It was a nice way to end my week.

Love, Renee

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