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Monday, November 28, 2016

Hello Monday, the beginning of a new week. The beginning of new things are the best. It's like getting a new chance. Getting a new chance to learn, explore, show the best of yourself and lots of other things. I like new beginnings / new chances, but I don't like Monday that much. It's the first day of the week, so you have to be serious again. Not that I am a serious person but only the idea of it. Even though I don't like Monday that much somewhere I actually love it. I love new beginnings and getting new chances. I love that you don't always know what will happen but you just have to figure it out by experiencing it. 

On Monday everybody is always a little grumpy. I don't like grumpy humans, even though I am sometimes grumpy, but okay. I prefer to see happy humans, because they make me happy. Maybe that sounds silly, that I love happy humans. But if someone smiles I start to smile and I love that effect. 

I always ask myself, why do people hate Mondays? Why can't people look to the positive things about Monday. It's a really good example of what I always say to people who are really negative. 

If you focus on the negative things you destroy the positive things.

These days people are so negative, which makes the world so much less pretty. I think people can make the world beautiful by being happy. Why can't we focus on the happy things? Is that so hard? Isn't it so much more fun to be happy and think about happy things instead of negative things.  So that was my thought of the day. I think we have to be more nice about Monday, even though that maybe sounds a little bit weird. It's not like Monday did something to us. Give Monday a chance, it's the start of a new week. Just smile, even though you're not happy. If you smile it can make you happy. The whole world in front of you with new adventures and opportunities. A new beginning to write stories. 

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