12.05.2016 • my eleventh week in NYC

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Monday December 5 2016, 12:36 PM. That means blogging class, during blogging class you write something for you blog. I have this class two times a week, Monday and Wednesday. On Monday I always write about the week before but this week, I don't know. I felt a little bit homesick. That's okay, missing people from back home is normal. I did fun stuff and I had a great weekend, so I will tell you something about that. Furthermore, I actually don't know. I am so tired today and I feel a little bit "blegh". Whatever, there is not a word that can describe how I feel. 

Oh, today it's Sinterklaas in the Netherlands, so happy Sinterklaas everyone from back home. I really don't have a Sinterklaas feeling. I am already in the Christmas spirit. So that's enough bla bla bla. 

Let's talk about the fun stuff 


Let's begin with Tuesday, when we tried volleyball. I really liked it and I think that we will go again tomorrow. At the beginning I felt a little bit intimidated. Everyone was warming up and they looked really good. Well they not only looked really good, they were very good. It's a local volleyball team that is training and the first hour, non-team members, including us from EF, can join. At the end it was so much fun and I liked it. 

And now let's talk about Friday. I skipped my last class. I am sorry, teacher. 

Elianne and I went to the city to take pictures and make a video for my upcoming birthday. It was so nice to be together, just the two off us. That was a long time ago. The first thing we did was shopping. I was walking around in my sweatpants because I didn't know what I wanted to wear, bad bad bad. But I ended up with a really cute outfit, at least, in my opinion. Afterwards we went to Party City and bought two balloons. The number one and the number two in silver. We never thought about the combination of wind and balloons. The balloons were so annoying, but we did everything for the photo and the video. 

Because I walked around with giant balloons everyone congratulated me on my birthday. I never had so many birthday wishes before (from strangers) and it's not even my birthday yet. After we took pictures we went to dinner at Ellen's Stardust diner. It's a restaurant with singing waitresses. It's so much fun. If you have the chance, go there.

The next day was Saturday. We went to a New York Rangers game. It was an ice hockey game. So cool to experience that. They won by four - two, which made it even more fun. I think that was it for this week. I am sure I forgot some things but those are the most eventful things of this week.

OH, I actually never announced it but, Elianne and I started a YouTube channel together - About us 2. We upload a vlog every week, most of the times a vlog from the weekend. Today we uploaded vlog number five so I thought it was time to tell you guys about it.   

If you want more information about EF, click here. You can order a FREE brochure and read everything about it. You always can ask me any question if you want, just call me, no just kidding. But I love to answer your question, feel free yo ask me anything. 

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