12.12.2016 • my twelfth week in NYC

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hello Monday, hello new week and good bye weekend. This week and especially weekend was a lot of fun. Now I am officially twenty-one years. Hello adult life, whatever that is. It's pretty weird to celebrate my birthday in NYC, but it's so cool. Now when I am older I can say, when I turned twenty-one I celebrated my twenty-first birthday in NYC, Manhattan. I think you can't have a better place to celebrate your birthday. OH and it snowed on my birthday. I had a white birthday and I can't get over it. The only thing I still want is a white Christmas, the rest doesn't matter. So please please please, earth be nice and give us a white Christmas.

Let's talk about the week, yeah 

Monday wasn't that interesting. We planned to watch the Victoria's Secret show but unfortunately it didn't work. Instead we watched a Christmas movie. Not a very good one. But it was the first Christmas movie this year, which makes me excited for Christmas. Tuesday. Yeah, I actually can't remember what I did this day. And actually I also don't know what I did on Wednesday and Thursday. Besides the fact that I took the Cambridge preparation test. I can follow the Cambridge program on C1 level, yeah! Oh and on Thursday we made a photo booth with the photography club, because on Friday we had a photo booth activity planned.

Friday was really fun. The photo booth activity turned out pretty good. Many people where excited about it and sometimes there was even a line of people who wanted to take a picture. Saturday morning we woke up early. Not that early but having breakfast at ten is kind of early for me. Afterwards we went to the mall to bowl. After bowling we went back to the campus, did the laundry, watched the Victoria's Secret show, I FaceTimed with my family  and waited till it was twelve o'clock.

Happy birthday to me, yeah. It was so nice to have sweet people around me on my birthday. We went to bed around two o'clock and we woke up around eight o'clock. Short night. We went to a gospel choir in Harlem. I was so excited about it but unfortunately it turned out to be a little bit disappointing.

Later the day we went to the movie The Edge of Seventeen. It was a pretty fun movie. The humor was very sarcastic. During the movies someone decided to smoke weed. I smelled so bad. Elien and I went to people who work at the cinema. Luckily they could do something about the smell. Oh and I almost forgot.

yeah for family portrait 

It snowed! I never had snow before on my birthday. When we came back to Tarrytown it was all white. I am still so excited about it. We ended the night with a snow fight. That was so much fun. It was a birthday to remember. Thanks to everyone who made it a special day.

Love, Renee

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