01.03.2017 • a week with my family

Saturday, February 18, 2017

December 29th, I am standing in JFK. People run to each otherhug and cry. People stand nervously behind the fencewaiting for other peoplejust like me. After three months I finally saw my motheryounger brother and grandma againIt's something I can't explain but it was something I just neededmy mom, little brother and grandmathe most important people in my life. They came for a week. This week was the most touristic and active week I had in New York.  

After we dropped everything off in the hotel room we went to Tarrytown, I finally could show them my home here. It was pretty weird, after all those FaceTime calls they could see everything in real-life. I loved sharing time with my family in NYC. We went to the Top of the Rock and had dinner with Elien and her dad. It is pretty weird to have dinner with your friend, her dad and your family on the other side of the world.  

New Years Eve, the thirty-first, I don't know if there is a name for the day but it was the last day of the year. I was so thankful for the fact that I could spend it with my family and my best friend, Elianne. We went ice skating this day at Bryant Park and in the evening we went to the top of the Empire State Building, it was a lot of fun. Even though the evening was disappointing (we didn't see fireworks, so it didn't feel like New Years Eve or the ending of the year at all) I loved this day.  

The last two days were very touristy (read: you can't be more touristy), we went on a Hop On Hop Off. It was a special experience. At the end I didn't mind that I was playing the part of a tourist, I learned a lot of things about the city and I saw a lot of places I hadn't seen before. And the most important thing about these days was that I did spend it with my family, so I couldn't be more thankful.  

January 3rd, I am standing in JFK, this time together with my family, waiting till they leave behind the security. Thank you for one of the best weeks, I love you all so muchGoodbye and see you guys in two months. 

Love, Renée

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