12.28.2016 • christmas in NYC

Friday, February 17, 2017

For the first time in my life I didn't spend Christmas with my family, it's weird. No Christmas tree, no Christmas brunch, no Christmas dinner, no Christmas present under the tree and of course that is not what Christmas is all about, but it's weird not to have it. I didn't mind, about the fact of not having those things, but I did mind not having my family around me. It was the first time I really felt homesick. Luckily I have my best friend, sister and partner in crime Elianne here which makes everything a lot easier 

December 24th, Christmas Eve, we decided to make this a girls day. In the afternoon we went to the nail salon in Tarrytown to get a manicure and pedicure. It's a typical American thing, even though I liked it, it was a one-time-only thing. I just don't like the fact that someone I don't know is touching my feet and hands all the time. But we walked out of the nail salon with pretty nails and a smile on our faces. We decided to have lunch at Mint, a small restaurant in Tarrytown. We shared a plate of fresh fruit and a mozzarella pesto panini. We talked about life and other topics that interest us. Afterwards we went back up the hill to the campus.  

December 25th, merry merry Christmas, Elianne and I went to Manhattan. We went to by Chloe to have a Sunday / Christmas brunch. It sounds so fancy, brunch in Manhattan. The rest of the day we wandered around, everything was closed. It didn't matter, we still had fun together. In the evening we went back to by Chloe. Because it was Christmas we got a free cookie, it was so sweet 

December 26th, in the Netherlands it's the second day of Christmas, but here in the United States it doesn't exist. Elianne and I went to the movies to sort of celebrate it, but in a different way than in the Netherlands. We went to two movies. First we went to Passengers, then afterwards we went to Target and bought a non-dairy Ben & Jerry's and two spoons. The woman behind the cash desk asked us why we didn't buy plastic spoons, "well, they always break, we have experience." The woman laughed, we took our ice cream and went back to the cinema. Next movie: La La Land. Both the movies were worth watching. The next day we went to Central Park, we walked around and it was so peaceful. 

Love, Renée

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