we destroy our home

Saturday, February 18, 2017

You can call me weird but I think it's extremely interesting the documentaries that are about our planet, Earth. They let me think about the fact that we actually live on a very special planet, a planet where everything is possible. The possibilities that we humans destroy. 

What a lot of people don't know is that the earth is 4.5 billion years old and that we people are 145 thousand years old. If you look to the earth as a twenty-four hour day then we would be alive for just three seconds. One, two, three, that's it. That means that the earth already exists for 86 thousand and 397 seconds without us.

Three seconds out of twenty-four hours is nothing. If you think about this it is actually pretty bad. Look at what we as humanity did to our world. The nature is something extremely special. In the 86 thousand and 397seconds that we didn't exists it created the most amazing planet in the galaxy. Earth is a planet full of trees in bloom, oceans and rivers with clean running water and amazing living creatures. Earth is a planet that we call home but we treat it like shit. 

Look what we did in three seconds, we have burned down forests so that we could build factories and other things. As an example, the Amazon desert, a desert that was called rainforest because it was full of trees and living creatures, but we burned it down. I think that we don't realize how important trees are. They keep the earth together with their roots, give food to the animals and us, the humanity. They give us raw material for medicines and the most important thing, oxygen. Something we can't live without.

Animal life existed before us. But we still kill them, we wipe them out. Some animals are protected because of us, because we kill them. And for what? Food, clothing and other things where we also can use different things for. We poison the ocean, for us humanity there is an easy solution. We just don't swim in the sea but did we ever think about the creatures that live in the sea?  Many of these  living creatures die because of us. We can deny it but we can't avoid it. Although we say that the earth is a great place, we destroy it everyday a little further.

I have to be honest, I have no idea how to fix this. I am afraid that we can't. Sometimes when something is broken the only thing you can do is be very careful with it and hope that it doesn't break any further. The only way that it will work is if we all are aware of the way that we treat the earth, our home. It is our only home, there is no other place we can go to if it break., That means that we have to take care of our home. We have to take better care of our home than we do now. 

Sorry nature that we treat you this way, you deserve better.

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