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Hi! I am Renée, a twenty-one-year old, writing, perfectionist, messy, super chaotic, tea drinking Dutch girl who loves music, movies, books, people with a passion, creativity, baking, photography, opinions, stories, theatre and traveling and is anxious about trucks, insects and darkness. I am a family person and a language student at EF in Tarrytown, New York.

I would prefer to solve every problem in the world, help everybody with everything and travel around the world. Unfortunately I know I can't do that and traveling around the world, well my bank account doesn't allow it. I am a perfect example of someone who wants to do everything at once. I have an opinion about everything and I love to share it. I am a blabbermouth. Both of these things are reasons why I started my blog and of course because I want to share my journey in NYC.

Furthermore, I am still a teenager, maybe I am not but okay, who wants to explore life. I try to find my own way. Like everyone I fail sometimes but you learn from your mistakes. I believe that what seems impossible is possible. You achieve the impossible if you believe it's possible.
Love, Renee

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