fifty things that make me happy

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

 I used the word happy a lot, oops. 

happiness (adj.) - the quality or state of being happy   • •  these days it's so easy to talk about things you don't like, but when you talk about things like that it doesn't make you happy. So I thought, let's share fifty things that make me happy, because that is something that makes me happy; talking about things that make me happy. Being happy it so important, because it let you enjoy life so much more.

LAUGHING. white clouds. a book I want to keep reading. the sound of the sea. CREATIVITY. green tea. the smell after the rainALL TYPES OF MELON, PINEAPPLE, MANGO AND PEACH.tanned skin. CHAPSTICK ON MY LIPS. white clothing. theaterMatt Holubowski. NEWYORKCITYpink blossom trees. POLISHED NAILS. honestySPONTANEOUS adventures. scented candles. WHITE. writing. ALL seasons. good smelling peoplea good movie. sleep. a cold pillow. FAMILY. coloursbritish  accent. a bed FULL with pillows. new ideas. round numbers. ANIMALS. the sound of a violin. MY DEAREST FRIENDS. helping someone. learning new thingsDREAMS. talking. listening. STARING. the nature. meeting new people. SILENCE. STORIES. beautiful words. thankfulnessGOOD conversations. music.LOVE.  

Love, Renée

a new york family

Monday, May 15, 2017

from the boring Netherlands
Sunday, May 14 2017

Dear annoying beautiful people, 
friendship is a weird thing. You meet people, sometimes on the weirdest moments, you talk, share moments, experience and eventually you become friend. It's a kind of label you put on each others forehead. In New York I met a lot of wonderful people and they all have a piece in my heart. They all feel like family, my New York family. Random faces became familiar and soon those random faces became friends. I'm so grateful to call those random faces my friends and now I'm back home I miss them everyday. Thank you for all the amazing memories and everything you taught me. You made New York feel like home. I love you all and hope to see every one of you soon. For always in my heart.
side note: no, it's not only about the beautiful people in the picture

dutch: vriendschap is eigenlijk een vreemd iets. Je ontmoet een persoon, soms op de meest gekke momenten, je praat, deelt momenten, ervaringen en uiteindelijk word je vrienden. Een soort van label dat je op elkaars voorhoofd plakt. In New York heb ik veel prachtige mensen leren kennen en ze hebben stuk voor stuk een plekje in mijn hart. Iedereen voelt als familie, mijn New York familie. Onbekende gezichten werden bekend en al snel daarna werden deze onbekende gezichten vrienden. Ik ben zo dankbaar voor het feit dat ik deze onbekende gezichten mijn vrienden mag noemen en nu ik thuis ben mis ik ze elke dag. Dank je wel voor alle geweldige herinneringen and alles wat je mij geleerd hebt. Jullie lieten New York als thuis voelen. Ik hou van jullie en hoop jullie snel weer te zien. Voor altijd in mijn hart.

Love from Holland

we destroy our home

Saturday, February 18, 2017

You can call me weird but I think it's extremely interesting the documentaries that are about our planet, Earth. They let me think about the fact that we actually live on a very special planet, a planet where everything is possible. The possibilities that we humans destroy. 

What a lot of people don't know is that the earth is 4.5 billion years old and that we people are 145 thousand years old. If you look to the earth as a twenty-four hour day then we would be alive for just three seconds. One, two, three, that's it. That means that the earth already exists for 86 thousand and 397 seconds without us.

01.03.2017 • a week with my family

December 29th, I am standing in JFK. People run to each otherhug and cry. People stand nervously behind the fencewaiting for other peoplejust like me. After three months I finally saw my motheryounger brother and grandma againIt's something I can't explain but it was something I just neededmy mom, little brother and grandmathe most important people in my life. They came for a week. This week was the most touristic and active week I had in New York.  

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